I recently presented "WPF & RF4 - Tales from the Trenches" at the Cleveland .NET SIG. This presentation reviews tips, tricks, and lessons learned from building real world apps with Windows Presentation Foundation 4.0 and Entity Framework 4.0. Whether you’re doing desktop, Silverlight, or web development, the EF T4 template tweaks, MVVM usage, Undo/Redo implementation, and Reactive programming tips reviewed in this presentation should come in handy.

The Photo Tagger sample application includes implementations of these topics and issues. I'd highly recommend pulling this down and taking a look.



Entity Framework Topics

  • Self Tracking Entities overview
    • Origins: WCF Services
    • Getting the templates
    • Using STE for "Models"
    • Using STE on the desktop
  • Repositories 
    • Enabling Change Tracking
    • Loading from the DB
    • Saving Changes
    • Deletes
  • Customized STE template
    • Partial Classes / Methods for adding custom logic
    • Delayed Initialization Scope for ISupportInitialize
    • Undo / Redo hooks

WPF / MVVM Topics

  • INotifyPropertyChanged
  • Undo / Redo
  • MVVM
  • Keyboard Focus
    • You could be loosing data
    • Fixing this with the "CommitBindingsBehavior"
  • Reactive Programming 
  • Threading
    • Recommendations and Pitfalls
    • SynchronizedContextCollection implementation 


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