Yesterday was my 30th birthday, so the whole family went to a movie. Being the birthday boy, I got to pick the movie: Speed Racer.

It was Awesome!

The movie was made by the Wachowski brothers (also responsible for the Matrix trilogy). The movie was a lot of fun. Very fast, sweet cars, and sweet scenery.

This version is not animated like the original. They made extensive use of green screen and CG for the cars and races. The locations are a conglomerate of various places around the world that were digitally stitched together for the movie.

I can't wait to see it again!

For the nostalgic, check out the original series. There's a DVD available with a bunch of the original episodes on it. I rented this a few weeks back at a RedBox kiosk. (RedBox is awesome too! We're about to ditch blockbuster altogether!)