November 2008 Entries

VS T4 Templates - Working Well and Saving Time

In a previous post, I mentioned the T4 text template feature that is built in to Visual Studio. This past week, I used T4 templates on one of my projects and it turned out very well. I created the templates to help automate the creation of the classes in our DAL layer. The templates provided us with a couple of nice benefits: Saved time - reduced the time to create the DAL by 50 - 75%. Consistency - the classes are implemented in a consistent pattern, while...

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V.Next of my career

My last day at InfoCision was Friday. It is strange leaving behind seven years of my life. I gained friendships with some great people. I learned a lot from the people, projects and positions along the way. I sincerely hope to keep these friendships for a long time to come. To my InfoCision colleagues... Thank you! I wish you all the best! Monday marks the start of for my career. I'm starting with Bennett Adelson. I'm super excited about the position! I get to work with really smart people and use some of the latest technologies. I think...

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