August 2009 Entries

Less code, better results…

It’s a nice feeling when things work out the way you planned and designed! Today I reviewed a newly deployed WCF based credit card service with my manager. Our design included the use of some existing building blocks to speed implementation and take advantage of best practices. The building blocks included Enterprise Library 4.1 and Authorization Manager (AzMan). I enjoyed walking through the implementation for a number of reasons, one of which was the relatively small amount of hand written custom code. The relatively small codebase was made possible by the use of pre-existing building blocks (AzMan and...

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.NET SIG Presentation – BizTalk

I recently co-presented on Reliable Messaging with BizTalk server. Richard Broida (colleague and BizTalk guru) handled most of the presentation, but allowed me to present a section on using MSMQ with BizTalk server. While the audience didn’t seem to have a lot of experience with BizTalk, they had enough interest to hang on for an extra hour past the scheduled timeframe. Slides and demo are available for download from the BA events page.

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