Just wanted to plug my upcoming presentation at the Cleveland .NET SIG…. Oct 12th at the Microsoft offices in Independence, OH.

Topic will be "Bag O' Tricks: WPF and Entity Framework"

I plan to share lessons, tips, and tricks from my experiences with WPF 4.0 and Entity Framework 4.0. Even if you aren't using WPF, I think you may find these topics useful since many are are also applicable for other technology stacks, including Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows Forms, and even web apps.

  1. EF Self Tracking Entities
    1. Using EF to construct a "domain model"
    2. Modifications to the T4 template for use with WPF
    3. "Delayed Initialization"
    4. "Undo / Redo" (I think this is pretty cool!)
  2. WPF
    1. "Reactive" programming with INotifyPropertyChanged, Observable Collections, and Continuous Linq
    2. MVVM & ViewModel Locators
    3. Handling WPF Focus issues

I may tweak this list a bit and/or pare this back a bit, but these are the topics I hope to cover.

Hope to see you there!