What is Twisten?

Twisten is a twitter client that lets you listen to your twitter feed via Text-to-Speech using the built-in speech features of Windows.

Why use It?

Listen to twitter in the "background" while you do other stuff!

The benefit of listening in the background is that you don't have to completely shift your focus away from your work to consume the tweets. Less context switching means you can stay productive, but still switch focus if you hear something that catches your attention.

Download and Installation

Getting Twisten is easy! It's a "Click Once" application, meaning that you can install it from a web page. Then, it will automatically check for updates and ask if you'd like to use the updated version if found.

Download Twisten Get Twisten

Getting Started

The app is straight forward and easy to setup. After you download it, just click "Play" to start reading tweets. If it's not authorized to access your twitter feed, then it will ask you to authorize.

Once authorized, it will starting reading your tweets to you. You can pause, go back a page, for forward a page, stop, and/or skip to the most recent.

You can control the speed of the reading via the speech rate slider.

It's Free!

The app is free to use. If you find the app useful, please consider purchasing a copy to support future development efforts, as noted in the roadmap below.

Purchased versions skip the tiny Twisten intro message that is read when you start the application. To purchase the app, just click the purchase button and checkout with Google checkout. This will provide you with a key that you can enter by clicking on the Keys button.


Here's the list of features I'd like to add to the app going forward:

  1. Search capabilities
    This would allow including tweets that match a search phrase. Tweets would be interleaved with your main timeline.

  2. User list capabilities
    Allow selecting an alternate twitter "list" as the main timeline to read.

  3. Hyperlinking and Hash tag support
    Parse the tweets to make hyperlinks and hash tags into clickable links.


If you have any questions or trouble with the app, please contact us via the blog, via the email in the about page of the app, or by leaving a comment here.


Twisten requires .NET 4.0 (Full or Client Profile). It has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.