PDC 2008 – Keynote – Day 1

I watched the PDC day 1 keynote today with my fellow coworkers. Below are my (unrefined) notes from the session. Ray Ozzie Why Cloud? Current solutions focused on internal apps Future solutions will assume more external facing solutions Users expect more social networking features embedded in solutions (ranking, reviews, etc) Operations teams and Dev teams are finding that they must work more closely together Some companies have spike / valley traffic patterns Companies need redundancy as apps move to...

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Event Driven Architecture (EDA) at PDC and in The Architect Journal

EDA is a special interest of mine and one of the first posts on my blog. It seems that it is a great way to stitch together the services that we create inside the enterprise. Otherwise, you end up with the same tightly-coupled spider web that you had before SOA. Recently, my enterprise architect forwarded a great article on Event Driven Architecture from The Architect Journal. The article does a great job of explaining the idea and explaining how it fits in an SOA ecosystem. Definitely worth a read! You can imagine my delight to see that Microsoft is releasing EDA capabilities...

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