LINQ to Excel = Bliss!

It's fun when an API is so awesome that it just makes you smile uncontrollably. That's how I felt after using Linq To Excel! I dreaded the thought of coding against Excel and decided to search around for the best approach. StackOverflow served up a couple options, including LINQ to Excel. Now I like LINQ, so it naturally attracted my eye. The project is completely awesome! It let me extract data from multiple sheets in an excel workbook with just a few lines of code, and no direct dependency on Excel to be installed on the machine!...

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My CodeMash 2011 Recap

CodeMash 2011 was great!! I really enjoyed the talks, the venue, the food, and the chance to meet up with friends. So, in an effort to remember everything, I'm recapping things on my blog. This is not exhaustive, nor is it all that polished. It's kind of a high level summary with links to resources as appropriate. Here is Part 1 of 2, which covers Wednesday and Thursday. Friday's notes are still in my nice little Moleskine notebook that they handed out at CodeMash. My Sessions Here are the sessions that I attended at CodeMash 2011. The links point to the info from...

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WPF & Entity Framework 4 - Tales from the Trenches

I recently presented "WPF & RF4 - Tales from the Trenches" at the Cleveland .NET SIG. This presentation reviews tips, tricks, and lessons learned from building real world apps with Windows Presentation Foundation 4.0 and Entity Framework 4.0. Whether you’re doing desktop, Silverlight, or web development, the EF T4 template tweaks, MVVM usage, Undo/Redo implementation, and Reactive programming tips reviewed in this presentation should come in handy. The Photo Tagger sample application includes implementations of these topics and issues. I'd highly recommend pulling this down and taking a look. Downloads WPF...

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.NET SIG: "Bag O' Tricks - WPF and Entity Framework" (Oct 12th)

Just wanted to plug my upcoming presentation at the Cleveland .NET SIG…. Oct 12th at the Microsoft offices in Independence, OH. Topic will be "Bag O' Tricks: WPF and Entity Framework" I plan to share lessons, tips, and tricks from my experiences with WPF 4.0 and Entity Framework 4.0. Even if you aren't using WPF, I think you may find these topics useful since many are are also applicable for other technology stacks, including Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows Forms, and even web apps. EF Self Tracking Entities ...

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I <3 LinqKit – Dynamically build arbitrarily complex Linq Queries

In some cases, I need to be able to build a query that has a variable set of OR conditions. This is not simple with the default language constructs and extension methods. It’s simple to dynamically build an expression that includes AND parameters, because that is what the WHERE() extension method does. Not so easy for OR’ing together a bunch of conditions. Enter LinqKit. This is a great library. It provides some easy to use (but powerful) extension methods that let you “Or()” some conditions together. A common case is where you get a list of values that you need to add into...

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