A 25+ Hour Day via Time at 1.5x

Is your day too short to get it all done? I know mine are. Are there additional hours hidden somewhere? I think so! I like to listen to podcasts and/or audio books on the commute in to work. A couple months ago I was able to get an add-in for my android phone that plays the podcasts at up to 1.5x. Love it! Coincidentally, one of the podcasts I came across covered the work of a blind programmer. How does he code then? He uses the accessibility features of windows to make the computer speak to him....

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My Beef with the Apple Cult

So, I'm trying to figure out what makes my insides churn when I hear people talk about Apple and it's products. You know Apple, the company that makes the products starting with "i"… iPod, iPhone, iPad, and the rumored iRock. Let me start by saying that I admire Apple and what they've achieved. I am grateful to Apple for the ground they forged that lead to the current class of smart phones. They do amazing work, make amazing products, and set an incredible bar for "well designed", regardless of the category. So what's the problem? Amazing company… great...

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Goodbye Windows Mobile, Hello Droid 2!

My 2 years of Windows Mobile are over! Out with the old (Samsung Omnia) and in with the new! Just got a Droid 2 and I'm very excited! I was holding out for Windows Phone 7, but since it's not launching on Verizon until next year, I decided that I'd go with Android. It was a tough decision, but so far I think it was a good one. If nothing else, it will give me a chance to use a "modern" phone and see what I've been missing. I'm also hoping that I'll have a bit of...

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