MUF Runs on Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight 4

I am happy to report that the Monitored Undo Framework (MUF) now supports Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7! Today I did some maintenance on the framework in preparation for publishing it to NuGet. As part of the maintenance, I added binaries that target additional frameworks, including new support for: Windows Phone 7 Silverlight 4.0 .NET 3.5 It was pretty fun to see the same library working across all these platforms! Windows Phone 7… Silverlight 4 WPF (.NET 4.0)...

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Monitored Undo Published to NuGet

In the words of James Brown…. I feel good! Why? Because today, I updated Monitored Undo Framework (MUF) and published it to the NuGet feed! Now I feel legit and official. I really like NuGet for a number of reasons… Convenience, time savings, and more. But one of the best things about it is just browsing the catalog! I found some really cool stuff in there that I wouldn't have otherwise stumbled on. Sure, one can Google with Bing or search codeplex or GitHub, or whatever. But if you find something in NuGet, it sort of...

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