VS Code IDE with Passphrased Git SSH Keys

I'm just kicking the tires with Visual Studio Code. So far, it seems like a nice little editor! One thing that tripped me up a bit was the Git integration... permission denied errors due to ssh keys that use passphrases. Here's how I solved it...

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SqlTransaction Ain't Always Transactional (WAT!?!)

True or False: "SQL run using a SqlTransaction is part of a SQL Server Transaction and can be rolled back." The answer is of course "True", right? That's what I thought too. This scenario showed me some exceptions to this rule.

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"tfpt unshelve /migrate" Doesn't Account for Renames

A quick note about Team Foundation Power Tools (TFPT)'s "Unshelve" command… tfpt unshelve has a /MIGRATE switch that will allow unshelving changes into a different branch / location than the one where they were originally shelved. I won't re-iterate the many articles describing how to use this command. One issue that I ran into is unshelving a set of changes into a branch where some of the shelved files had been renamed / moved. It seems that the /migrate switch doesn't go back into TFS version history to locate the renames. Instead, it simply pulls out the changes...

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A Visual Studio Extesion to make Scrolling Better!

Hi All, A friend of mine (John Nastase) saw a tweet or two of mine complaining about scrolling in Visual Studio. What did he do? He wrote a VS extension to make it happen!!! Here's the extension that he just published in the VS extension gallery. It basically adds a "cursor buffer" space to the top and bottom of the window so that as arrow down the page, the page starts to scrolling before the cursor hits the VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Instead, it starts scrolling a little earlier so that you can see what's coming. This saves you from scrolling too...

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Microsoft's MVP program and Rob Eisenberg

This is a long read, but it's got some detailed insight on the MVP program at Microsoft. I've heard these sentiments before, and I'm sure that it's not black and white. Regardless, Microsoft's actions in this case are unacceptable. If you don't know Rob Eisenberg, he's the creator of Caliburn and Caliburn Micro frameworks for XAML based platforms (WPF, Silverlight, WP7). If you want to have your mind blown, take a look at his source code for Caliburn Micro (and even more so for Caliburn). While you're at it, watch his "Build your own MVVM framework" presentation....

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